Ubuntu – Problem installing NVIDIA Driver on 16.04

Ubuntu – Problem installing NVIDIA Driver on 16.04


I have spent a lot of time troubleshooting this and finally need help.

Intel Core i5 6600K
16gb RAM

My safeboot is disabled, and I have a DVI-D cable connecting my GPU to my monitor.

I used this website to install the latest NVIDIA driver for my GPU, nvidia-384– http://www.linuxandubuntu.com/home/how-to-install-latest-nvidia-drivers-in-linux

The driver appears in my software folder. Upon reboot, I am brought to the login screen which is stretched and appears fuzzy. I cannot type anything to unlock the disk and am forced to press the reset switch on my PC. I am then brought to the GRUB menu where I manually uninstall the driver. Upon rebooting again, I can login no problem.

I have tried installing straight from the NVIDIA website after switching to the right X file mode and setting noveau=0. I have been uninstalling the drivers upon each attempt.

Can anyone help me on this? Thank you.

Best Answer

  • First try the Nvidia drivers supplied by the normal repositories.

    If those don’t work, try one at a time, in oder a ppa graphics repository:
    graphics-drivers, x-swat, xorg-edgers

    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa



    Last resort would be the Nvidia site, possibly for the newest hardware.


    1)In your UEFI Settings (or BIOS):
    a) check for any video hardware selection.
    Choose “discrete” over “integrated” or “hybrid”.
    b) Turn off secure boot, to avoid problems with unsigned
    kernel modules (post 14.04).

    Nvidia drivers will need a recompile, but the default install will have all the necessary parts.

    Ensure you are up-to-date with the default repositories:
    In a terminal, type

    sudo apt-get update



    From Dash, select “Software Updater” (start typing the name, and the selections will be available).

    Now from Dash run

    Software & Updates 

    or from a terminal type


    or from the “Software Updater”, click on the Settings button at the lower left corner.

    Under the “Ubuntu Software” tab:
    ensure the “Proprietary drivers for devices (restricted)” is checked (It is by default).

    Select the “Additional Drivers” tab
    Select the latest Nvidia driver which is “(proprietary, tested)” (probably the first one listed) and click on the “apply changes” button.

    The driver setup takes several minutes, but it does have a progress bar.

    After the changes have been applied, the Nvidia button selected will be the active one.
    Login again to restart X, and you should be running the Nvidia driver. From Dash run

    Nvidia Settings

    to confirm.

    No drivers at all in additional tabs… Take a look at your UEFI settings (formerly known as BIOS) and see if you can select which video hardware is active. Select “discrete” as opposed to “intergrated” or “hybrid”. Try running

    ubuntu-drivers devices 

    to see the standard repository versions. Take a look at other 1050ti postings here and in the forum like https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2353796 (Note OldFred’s reply to the original post, cautioning against using the …run method of installation.).

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