Ubuntu – Compiz not drawing window controls

Ubuntu – Compiz not drawing window controls


I have recently installed driver for my ATI graphic card in my Dell Studio laptop. I have also read this somewhere on the web that Ubuntu enables compiz window manager by default if your hardware can run it. Is it true ?

In my case before Installing graphic card driver the window manager was Metacity, but now I have compiz as my Window manager. I found this out uisng Displex Indicator applet also confirmed by wmctrl -m.

From the time I have installed graphic card drivers, the window manager(Compiz) is not drawing window control buttons for some of the windows. For example if I open a terminal I have to close it using key board shortcuts or use the File -> Quit option in app-menu. Also I am not able to move the window because of this. From then when-ever I find a window without window control buttons I am restarting the window manager using Displex Indicator applet. But this is very annoying and also consumes a lot of time(when I am doing my work).

Can any one suggest any solution for this.

What are up’s and down’s of using Compiz Vs Metacity.

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  • I had a similar problem recently. My ktorrent, Amarok and few other applications just wouldn’t draw any controls.. kind of like default(and irreversible) full-screen. I played around with CCSM and on disabling Utility->Workaroound and restarting the failing applications solved the problem. I’ll still go ahead and check which feature in the plugin in particular causes the problem.

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