Ubuntu – Activate HDMI Port Xubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu – Activate HDMI Port Xubuntu 12.04


Im trying to find a way to activate my HDMI port as when i plug my TV in it comes up with “No signal present” on my TV and I cant find it on the Display tab is Settings either. I have looked around but all the problems seem to be related to no sound and not to nothing happening.

What can I do to activate it? I have a Asus EEE PC X101 CH if thats any help.

Best Answer

  • Try rebooting, with the TV plugged in. Some TVs are pretty silly with such things, as are some cheaper laptop parts.

    Failing that, give these steps a try from this posting

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sarvatt/cedarview
    sudo apt-get install add-apt-key
    sudo add-apt-key 0x4c96de60854c4636
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install cedarview-drm libva-cedarview-vaapi-driver cedarview-graphics-drivers
    sudo update-grub2
    sudo reboot

    The site also mentions changing your grub config and making sure your not running a PAE kernel. It also suggests disabling AIGLX. I left those steps out because I don’t know what they would do. Take a look at the site, see if you think you need to do those steps.

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