The realest advice for your freshman year of College

Free Download Udemy The realest advice for your freshman year of College. With the help of this course you can A full view from a current college student.

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What will I need?

  • Students should be excited and ready for a trans-formative learning experience
  • Students should be ready to learn HOW to think and work in a fun way
  • Students should be ready to become empowered and confident
  • Students should have access to the Internet

Is this course right for me?

  • First year college student
  • Seniors in High School
  • Juniors in High School
  • Gap Year Students
  • A parent willing to explore
  • A student that is a long life learner and ready to explore

What am I going to learn?

  • Identify your values and identity and design a plan for success in college, work, and in life
  • Learn the habits, strategies, and behaviors that will enhance academic performance
  • Apply proven strategies and skills to complete your courses faster
  • Learn time management skills to stay on top of their task
  • Learn how to be proactive and take action every day to become successful in college and beyond
  • Learn to manage expectations and overcome challenges

Are you a BUSY TEENAGER ready to leave high school and become a less-stressed college student?

Or, are you the PARENT of a teenager, who wants your kid to transform their HECTIC lifestyle into a SUCCESSFUL one?

And, do personal fulfillment and happiness matter to you as much or more than keeping up with the Kardashians?


If anyone of the points above applies to you, then pay attention to what I’m about to tell you (even MORE so if two of the previous descriptions fit you!)

Teens and high schoolers can take this course to experience a whole-life transformation – to find new purpose in their College as WELL as uncover more free time and ditch stress – ALL while actually improving your mindset and making important decisions!

Transform from being tossed around by events in high school to charting your own path in life. Videos made in this course has no edits, I wanted to be as real as possible with my real thoughts and face!


It’s not hard to help a smart teenager TRANSFORM their life in high school, but it DOES require an exceptionally talented, empathetic, and experienced person that was once in their shoe that they can relate to.

That’s where I come in! As a college student, entrepreneur, and a life-long learner, I have a rare talent for helping teens go from a constant state of rushing panic (or a state of aimless laziness!) to a calm, measured and successful approach to life that’s more FUN and more SUCCESSFUL than the old ways…

And best of all, this experience will not only tell about my approach, but it will be a great way for oneself to reflect and find their purpose.


Sections of this course:

  1. Intro to the Course and Instructor

  2. Is college for you?

  3. Why is this course important?

  4. Top 5 most important skills to know

  5. Reading strategies

  6. Writing Strategies

  7. Resources Strategies

  8. Top 10 mistake to Avoid

  9. Top 10 things to overcome


Key lessons in the course:

· How teens can identify their life passions

· Planning for college apps and deadlines

· Managing social life and peer pressure

· How to use study groups to win big

· How to use weekends and vacations in high school

· A preview of college-level time management

· … and much, much more that couldn’t possibly fit here!


Additional features:

· Personal Development

· Personal access to ask questions of the instructor

· Access to the complete Course Discussion forum

· 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

· Lifetime Access to course and updates


Right now, the price for enrollment in the course is set at a level I know EVERYONE can afford.

Of course, there’s actually no risk to enrollment (since you’ve got the 30-day money-back guarantee to decide if you love it or not)…

But… the price for the course MAY go up in the future. In the right hands, I think the information in this course is tremendously underpriced.

I encourage you to enroll in the course today to become a TRULY College student and a more fulfilled human being – to take you not only to live a life you don’t even dare to dream of yet but to be better every day.


Important information before you enroll:

· This course comes with a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee!

· Ask the instructor questions DIRECTLY inside and get personal responses.

· Once enrolled, receive unlimited lifetime access to the course!

· Instant and free access to all future course updates.

· Direct personal support regarding any issues or suggestions related to the course.


Be sure to check out the curriculum and PREVIEW your FREE lectures:

· Check out the curriculum and course contents below.

· PREVIEW several free and VALUABLE lectures from the course below.


Enroll now… And I’ll see you on the inside!

Who this course is for:

· This online course was made for teens who feel overwhelmed by the demands on their time and energy made by high school, college apps, and extracurricular activities.

· It’s great for every busy teen who could do a better job of organizing their time and focus in high school.

· Upcoming college freshman or junior in high school students in need of a little advice

· PARENTS of teens can take this course themselves or give it to their busy teenagers.

· This video course is NOT for you if you already “have it all together” on a daily basis. If you don’t need any advice on staying focused and productive, you can skip this course.

· Preview the course contents below and decide if it’s right for you!

Buy Udemy’s The realest advice for your freshman year of College

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Free Download Udemy’s The realest advice for your freshman year of College

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