The Beauty of Symmetry in Chinese Calligraphy(English)

Free Download Udemy The Beauty of Symmetry in Chinese Calligraphy(English). With the help of this course you can A continuation of Chinese calligraphy lessons for beginners!.

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Is this course right for me?

  • English speakers who are interested in learning Chinese calligraphy
  • English speakers who would like to learn Chinese characters
  • English speakers who want to understand Chinese characters deeper

What am I going to learn?

  • The history of Chinese writing system
  • The story of of 33 Chinese characters
  • How to write those 33 characters with a Chinese calligraphy brush

Hello! My name is Becky.

This course is based on my Chinese calligraphy lessons for beginners.

As lessons for Chinese calligraphy beginners, that lessons focus on the basic strokes, while this lesson will focus more on the most important structure in Chinese characters–symmetry.

Symmetry exists everywhere in China, and it’s one of the most important aesthetics and philosophy in Chinese culture. In this course, we’ll learn 33 characters in Master Wú Ràngzhī Xiǎozhuàn calligraphy, including the history, writing tips and calligraphy demo of those characters. Aside from that, in the first section, I’ll give you a brief introduction of the Chinese writing system. Because I think you can learn Chinese calligraphy well only when you can deep understand our writing system.

This course will includes five sections:

Section one: Introduction Chinese writing system and our calligraphy learning book ( Lesson1-2)

Section two: Symmetrical characters with 3 basic strokes (Lesson3-8, Exercise L9-10)

Section three: Symmetrical characters with more complecated curving lines (Lesson11-16, Exercise L17-18)

Section four: Symmetrical characters with left and right structures (Lesson19-24, Exercise L25-26)

Section five: Challenges with 3 more complicated characters and conclusion of this course (Lesson27-30)

You’re welcome to join our Chinese calligraphy practicing journey!

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Free Download Udemy’s The Beauty of Symmetry in Chinese Calligraphy(English)

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