Punishment-Free Dog Training: 30 Day Perfect Dog Blueprint

Free Download Udemy Punishment-Free Dog Training: 30 Day Perfect Dog Blueprint. With the help of this course you can Create a Calm and Confident Dog in 30 Days Using These Proprietary DOG TRAINING GAMES.

This course was created by . It was rated 4.6454 out of 5 by approx 297 ratings. There are approx 1785 users enrolled with this course, so don’t wait to download yours now. This course also includes 239 mins on-demand video, Full lifetime access, Access on mobile and TV & Certificate of Completion.

What will I need?

  • No prior dog training experience required
  • A strong desire to learn, have fun, and to create an amazing relationship with your dog
  • You must be willing to take action on the games you learn in this training
  • Unlike many trainings — this will be 100% punishment-free, which means you will need to commit to playing the games as they are laid out for you here 🙂
  • All necessary information, step-by-step games, tips, templates and resources will be included for you 100% free as part of this training

Is this course right for me?

  • Dog owners (or trainers) that want to create a calm, confident dog
  • Dog trainers that are looking for force-free methods that actually WORK
  • Dog owners who want to dramatically enhance their relationship with their dog
  • Dog owners who know that their dog is smart — and want to use games to teach the dogs perfect behavior
  • Dog owners that are sick of chasing their dog around the house, or being yanked around on leash
  • Dog trainers who want to more deeply understand dog behavior so that they can get rapid results with client dogs
  • Anyone who wants to have FUN while training their dog, instead of trying to boss them around

What am I going to learn?

  • Learn how to get rid of MASSIVE amounts of anxiety in your dog with 3 simple daily tweaks
  • Learn to train your dog humanely with SIMPLE step by step games that you can play in 5 minutes or less
  • Learn how to create a dog that you can trust around ANYTHING in your house – even the chicken on the counter
  • Learn how to build extreme levels of CALM and CONFIDENCE in your dog — no more barking or pulling on the leash
  • Learn how to use one simple game to have the BEST WALK of your life
  • Learn how to get your dog to focus on you in ANY environment
  • Learn how to teach a dog to LOVE its crate, and being on its own
  • Learn the simple trick you can use to get your dog to LOVE doing what you want
  • Learn how to create a polite dog that NEVER yanks you around on the leash
  • Learn how to create a relationship so powerful that your dog would rather be with you than ANYWHERE else

Designed by popular demand – today, you’ll gain access to the most impactful dog training games on the planet so that you can quickly (and enjoyably) create a calm, confident dog who is tuned in to your every word… Without having to resort to punishment.

Unlike many trainings out there which rely on force to stop bad behavior… In these games you will learn how to proactively change the way that your dog thinks, so that you can instead create good behavior from the inside out.

I know, sounds kind of crazy… But here’s the thing.

Chasing your dog around the house, worrying about your belongings, or getting pulled around on the leash – they’re all symptoms… In this training, we will show you how to use games to fundamentally change the way that your dog thinks and lives in your home, so that these issues and more will go away.

Whether you are brand new to training dogs, or have been doing this a long time – my goal is for you to leave with a brand new dog… And a brand new way of teaching your dog what you want.

We break down dog behavior to its most simple form, and help you to change the way that you think about pet training forever.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to create a calm and confident dog — and who want a step-by-step gameplan to get them there.

Anyone who believes that relying on punishment to change a dog’s behavior seems a little bit outdated…

Here’s a small sample of what will be included in this dog behavior masterclass: 

You RECEIVE meticulously designed training games tailor-made to teach your dog the most important lessons ~89% of owners miss

You FOLLOW along step-by-step as your dog’s confidence and desire to learn grows with every game

You LEARN the secret principles used by some of the world’s best dog trainers, and apply them in a fun 5 minute sessions

You SAVE thousands of dollars on dog training lessons, mentoring and consultations that may or may not work

You GAIN access to tested, proven dog training methods that have already worked on dogs all around the world

You SKIP the thousands of hours of research, testing, tweaking and retesting required to create your perfect dog in 30 days

You SEE fully transparently how to apply these games on BRAND NEW DOGS

You BOOST your dog’s confidence and the quality of their day to day life

You GROW a relationship with your dog that you never thought possible

You WIN every game, every single day, creating brand new habits that will last a lifetime

This course leaves NOTHING to chance, and sets you up for lifelong success with your dog. Dog training no longer has to take months, or worse, years to accomplish…


  • Make training the most fun thing in the world for your dog

  • Teach your dog to always wait for your permission to eat anything

  • Show your dog that walking on a loose leash is fun

  • Create a dog who is calm in the house

  • Make your dog’s alone time fun for them, so that you don’t have to watch them 24/7

  • Show your dog that you are the most amazing thing in the world

  • Calm your dog down in any situation

  • Get your dog to come back to you every single time you call

  • Give your dog an amazing feeling every time you say their name

  • Make pet training easy by focusing on addressing the root cause of dog behavior

Training a dog can be tricky. Because of all of the conflicting, and often misleading information in the world, it can be very difficult to find the things that actually work for your (or your clients’) dog. In this training you’ll gain instant access to 12 years of research into dog behavior and pet training, testing tweaking and refining – and play dozens of games that actually work right before your eyes.

Want to know more? Here are just a few of the step-by-step lectures that you’ll be following in Punishment-Free Dog Training: 

  • The cause of 90% of Behavioral Issues in Dogs

  • How to Train Your Dog to LOVE Alone Time

  • 1 FREE Mealtime Hack That Will Create A Dog That CAN’T WAIT To Listen

  • How to Train Your Puppy Using 1 Game So You Can Trust It Around Anything

  • How To Get A Dog To Come To You Every Time

  • How To Teach Your Dog To LOVE Walking With A Loose Leash

  • How To Calm Down An Excited Dog – No Matter Where You Are

  • Getting Your Dog To Respond To Its Name With ENTHUSIASM

  • 1 Simple Game To Ensure Your Dog Waits Patiently For Everything They Want

  • Teaching Your Dog 1 Skill That Will Teach Them to Sit, Lie Down, Come, Spin, And Dozens More Commands

  • A Little Game To Create A Dog That Is Calm And Behaved In The House

  • One Little Sound To Make Sure Your Dog CAN’T WAIT to Obey You

  • How To Have Your House Do 90% Of Your Dog Training For You

  • What Makes Dogs Spoiled And Bratty – AND How To Avoid It

  • This Simple Mistake That Causes Selective Hearing In Dogs, And How To Fix It

  • How To Get Rid Of Separation Anxiety FOR GOOD, AND Have Your Dog Still Love You

  • The Cause of Almost All Dog Behavior Issues – And How To Solve The Core Rather Than The Symptoms

  • The Simple Mistake That Causes Selective Hearing In Dogs, And How Pet Trainers Can Fix It

  • Dog Not Doing Your Commands? Here’s Why.

  • …And Many More!

If you’re ready to create your perfect dog, and ready to do so without punishment – allow me to unlock that opportunity for you with Punishment-Free Dog Training – Your 30 Day Perfect Dog Blueprint.

Enroll now.

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Free Download Udemy’s Punishment-Free Dog Training: 30 Day Perfect Dog Blueprint

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