PRINCE2: Introduction to project management with PRINCE2

Free Download Udemy PRINCE2: Introduction to project management with PRINCE2. With the help of this course you can Become a better project manager by understanding and applying PRINCE2 to your project and understand PRINCE2-Foundation.

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Is this course right for me?

  • Project managers and soon to be Project managers
  • Project managers with PMI or IPMA certification that want to enhance their project management skills
  • Managers that are interested in introducing PRINCE2 to their organization

What am I going to learn?

  • Learn the fundamentals of PRINCE2
  • Understand and apply the complex PRINCE2 process model
  • Learn how to combine PRINCE2 with the IPMA or PMI
  • Learn which certification is the right one for you

What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is one of the most popular methods for managing projects. PRINCE2 is based on experiences and best-practices from thousands of Projects. It is used globally by projects, project- and portfolio managers and in large programmes.

PRINCE2 is generic and can be applied to any project regardles of it´s project environment, size, type, organization

PRINCE2 is easy to learn for any new project managers and a great addition for those Project Managers already certified with the IPMA or PMI Project Management certificates.

PRINCE2 follows an holistic, or integrated approach that remains focussed on the “big picture”. It explains “what” has to be done to plan, monitor and execute a project successfully, instead of describing specific techniques in details. This makes it a great combination to the more isolated and detailled techniques explained by the IPMA or PMI.

PRINCE2 follows a convincing composition of 7 guiding principles, 7 themes and 7 processes and has helped me to become a “more complete” project manager, that is not getting lost in the details of the projects day-2-day business.

What´s in for you?

# You will become a better project manager and having an easier time “staying in control” of your project

# You will gain a better understanding of major interlinked aspects of project management

# You will understand the foundation of PRINCE2, close to what is taught in the PRINCE2-Foundation training

# You will be able to apply the PRINCE2 process-model in your project / organization

About this course:

This Course covers the following elments of PRINCE2

Chapter 1 starts with a short introduction to the course and some tips on how to use Udemy for a better learning experience

In Chapter 2 you will develop an understanding of the differences between PRINCE2 and IPMA and PMI and the “enhanced” magic triangle.

Chapter 3 covers the 7 principles of PRINCE2. You will learn more about their purpose and how they can help you manage your project

Chapter 4 is focused on the 7 themes. You will understand the basic questions each theme answers and how these themes should be embedded in the project life cycle.

Chapter 5 introduces the 7 processes. You will learn which processes are important in a PRINCE2 project and which activities should be executed. You will learn and understand the complex PRINCE2 process-model step by step with some helpful excercises

In chapter 6 we will add the final piece of information to the process-model and talk about the documents and reports PRINCE2 knows. You will learn what “documents” (Management products) exist and when they should be created and updated. We will add that Information to our process-model and generate and understand the full-picture of PRINCE2.

Chapter 7 offers a voluntarily exam, based on the PRINCE2-Foundation exam,  that you can take if you want to test your knowledge

Chapter 8 provides some additional information if you´re interested in the PRINCE2-Foundation, or Practitioner certification.

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Free Download Udemy’s PRINCE2: Introduction to project management with PRINCE2

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