MATLAB: Simscape – Ideal Rotational Motion Sensor Angular Acceleration

MATLAB: Simscape – Ideal Rotational Motion Sensor Angular Acceleration

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I am trying to use the block “ideal rotational motion sensor” in simscape for feedback in a control system. I need access to angular acceleration from the block but it only provides angular displacement and angular rate. I have tried taking the discrete derivative of the rate output, but it isn’t coming out quite right, even with a low pass filter included as well.
Is there anyway to “hack” this block to obtain angular acceleration in a similar way to how you can get angle and rate?

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  • Hi there
    I’ve a modified version of the sensor outputting the acceleration as well. Be careful that you may need to filter the speed input in order to make it differentiable – dpeending on how your system is setup. See in y model example how the Simulink-> PS converter needed to differentiate the input.
    Attached the block and an example model. You can modify any SSC file using Simscape Language and then putting them into the model using the Simscape Component Block or build your own library using ssc_build (look it up in the documentation).
    Hopefully this get you inspiration to start looking into Simscape Language! Is really fantastic for customization.
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