MATLAB: Problem with custom antenna magnitude response import

MATLAB: Problem with custom antenna magnitude response import

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Hi there,
There is a problem when we try importing a custom magnitude response in the Simulink environment. We have the antenna radiating at maximum 10.9 dBi directivity, but it is only displays 8.78dBi in the antenna analysis tool. Basically, this is the code which we use to import:
filename = 'data.txt';
delimiterIn = ' ';
A = importdata(filename,delimiterIn);
mag_response = A(:,end-2);
phase_response = A(:,end-1);
mag_response = [mag_response; mag_response(end-180:end)];
phase_response = [phase_response; phase_response(end-180:end)];
m1 = vec2mat(mag_response,181);
m2 = vec2mat(phase_response,181);
m1 = m1';
m1 = m2';
After that we invoke m1 in the custom antenna gui in simulink and the image we get with the pattern is shown below.
Notice that we get maximum directivity under 9 dBi, whereas the maximum values in the matrix is 10.14 dBi. I am not sure what could cause this.
Is is something to do with the precision of the array?

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  • The magnitude and phase patterns are meant to be field patterns, not directivity patterns. Note that directivity has no phase so if your m1 is directivity, then m2 should just be all zeros. Is that the case?
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