MATLAB: Parameters in the ADAS slexFMCWMu​ltiTargets​DOAExample

MATLAB: Parameters in the ADAS slexFMCWMu​ltiTargets​DOAExample

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Hi there,
I have tried running the slexFMCWMultiTargetsDOAExample and modifying the parameters in the helper file but there is no difference in output when I run the simulation. I have tried setting null values in range and velocity, but the display at the output remains unchanged. I have overwritten the original example file in the phaseddemo folder, but it did not work. I am sure there should be a method of changing the parameters and obtaining a different value for target range, velocity and angle, but I cannot explain how that should be set for this Simulink example.
This is my modification:
paramFMCWRSA.Fs = 300e6;
paramFMCWRSA.T = 5.5*400/3e8;
paramFMCWRSA.ppow = 0.00316227766016838;
paramFMCWRSA.TxGain = 36.0042142909402;
paramFMCWRSA.RadarVel = [ 65*1600/3600; 0; 0];
paramFMCWRSA.RadarPos = [0;0;0];
paramFMCWRSA.Fc = 77e9;
paramFMCWRSA.RCS = [100 100 100];
paramFMCWRSA.CarVel = [0 0 0;0 0 0;0 0 0];
paramFMCWRSA.CarPos = [0 0 0;2 -2 0;0 0 0];
paramFMCWRSA.C = 3e8;
paramFMCWRSA.NF = 4.5;
paramFMCWRSA.RxGain = 42.0042142909402;
paramFMCWRSA.lambda = paramFMCWRSA.C/paramFMCWRSA.Fc;
Any help is greatly appreciated.
All the best, Cristian

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  • Could you clarify what you saw? If you execute the lines you listed above in the command window and run slexFMCWMultiTargetsDOAExample, it should use the parameters you specified. Are you not seeing this? Thanks.
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