MATLAB: Logo Detection in Video sequence

MATLAB: Logo Detection in Video sequence

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Hello everyone, First of all I want to apologise for my english (I’m not a native speaker). I have a videofile and I want to perform logo detection on it. I want to do it like this:
  1. Read video with VideoReader object
  2. Convert video into frames
  3. Apply code from Matlab tutorial from topic Object Detection in a Cluttered Scene ( Here ) on every frame
  4. Every frame will have logo highlighted with a polygon
  5. Save each frame to another video
I want to ask if this aproach is good and can you give me some advice how to do that?

Best Answer

  • The attached demo does all that except for your step #3.
    For finding the logo you can use edge detection (because many video bugs are transparent, but it will work with opaque ones too), and then use the Hausdorff detection method as shown on this page: Look where they find a matching set of edge lines in their jet example.
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