MATLAB: Issues with Matrix Multiplication

MATLAB: Issues with Matrix Multiplication

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Hi all. I have a script for calculating the current flowing through a diode at 3 different temperatures. I am having problems with the division of 2 matrices found in the exponent of the equation. The equation is of course correct, mathematically sound etc. I have done the usual checks etc with matrix operations, but what it comes down to is that I’m trying to divide a 1×17 array (v_D in the code) by a 3×1 (T’ in the code) array. The code can be found below. Any answers/help is greatly appreciated!
q=1.602e-19; k=1.38e-23; I0=2.0e-6; v_D=-1.0:0.1:0.6; T=[23.89 37.78 51.67]’;
for ii=1:length(T)
if ii==1
hold on
elseif ii==2
elseif ii==3
hold off
legend('T=23.89 deg C','T=37.78 deg C','T=51.67 deg C'),grid on,
xlabel('btitv'),ylabel('bfiti (v)'),
title('bfitA Plot of Current as a Function of the Applied Voltage Across a Diode')

Best Answer

  • i_D=I0.*(exp((q*v_D)./(k*T(ii)))-1);
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