MATLAB: Issues with entering into MATLAB

MATLAB: Issues with entering into MATLAB


hello all I am trying to enter this into MATLAB but cant seem to get it right
x = 0:0.1:10
y= (2*x^1.01)+ sin(3*pi/2 *x)-10*cos(x)-3
[x,y]=ginput(n) % find the first 2 zeros
Please let me know if I am right or i did it wrong.
Thank you

Best Answer

  • This sems to be homework.
    Vectorise the expoinentiation:
    y= (2*x.^1.01)+ sin(3*pi/2 *x)-10*cos(x)-3;
    ↑ ← HERE
    Then to find the approximate indices of the zero-crossings:
    zxi = find(diff(sign(y)));
    Then use those with interp1 to find much more precise estimates of the zero-crossing x-values.
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