MATLAB: Issue with trying to play and record audio simultaneously

MATLAB: Issue with trying to play and record audio simultaneously

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Hi guys, For my project I need to play a wav file from my speaker and while it’s playing I want to record it with a microphone simultaneously. I’m using the audioPlayerRecorder which I believe is what I need to use. This is what I’ve done so far, however I’m not quite sure if its correct.
clear all
filereader=dsp.AudioFileReader('chirp_2.wav'); % this is the wav file saved in my Computer
filewriter= audioDeviceWriter(fs);
while ~isDone(filereader)
audioToPlay = filereader();
audioRecorded = apr(audioToPlay);
When I run this, it runs fine so I’m assuming that both speaker and microphone are working synchronously?
My issue is, I want to plot both the audio from speaker and the recorded audio. I’m trying to convert the object to a numerical array through the getaudiodata function however having I get an error saying “Unrecognized function or variable getaudiodata()”.
Does anyone know how to plot both the speaker and microphone audio?

Best Answer

  • getaudiodata() is only for audiorecorder() which is a routine that records audio and holds on to it until it is asked for.
    You are using the system-object based routines such as audioPlayerRecorder. Those do not hold on to all the data: they only hold on to one buffer-worth. The audio data can be obtained by using step() — or, exactly the way you did, by invoking the variable storing the object as-if it were a function. One buffer at a time.
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