MATLAB: Interpolation on stiffness matrices

MATLAB: Interpolation on stiffness matrices

interpolation matrix grid

Hi all, I have a question regarding the interpolation of matrices (stiffness matrices from a FEM model).
First, i have a 2D grid for 2 different design parameters (geometric, such as thickness of an element in my FEM model) so at each gridpoint I want to calculate a stiffness matrix and store it. Later on, I would like to interpolate in between the pre-computed stiffness matrices. So I actually have two questions:
1) What is the best way to “store” the different matrices ? I don’t want to have say n number of variables for n pre-computed matrices. Is it useful to work with cells here ?
2) What is the best way to interpolate here ? So at every coordinate (x,y) or (parameter1, parameter2) I don’t have 1 specific z-value but a matrix which corresponds to that coordinate.
(This will later on also be extended to more parameters, about 10)

Best Answer

  • 1. If all the matrices are of same size save it as a 3D matrix. If they are of different sizes save as cell.
    2. For interpolation f you have spatial info use interp2. If there is no spatial info use imresize.
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