MATLAB: In Simulink “print model”, can I print only some selected blocks

MATLAB: In Simulink “print model”, can I print only some selected blocks

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Hi everybody,
I’m used to print in .pdf my Simulink models in order to make a simple documentation but I found this annoying issue: since in my models there are a many repeated subsystems, the .pdf document contain the same subsystem print, repeated many time, one per page.
The result is a very big document, e.g. 73 pages, with only 6 or 7 interesting pages.
I can’t use the option “print current system” because it is not what I want: the ideal solution should be to set, I imagine, a block property in my subsystem block (the repeated subsystem), which disable the print only for that block.
I hope somebody has already faced and solved this issue 🙂

Best Answer

  • Hello there,
    I would recommend you either one of the following solutions:
    1 – Create a custom library for the blocks that you want to hide in the final pdf report and use them to design your models (in this case the blocks are library links and you can choose not to print them with the appropriate option in the print to file dialog).
    2 – You can create a Mask for the Subsystems that you don’t want to be shown in full details in the final pdf report. In this case just create a mask for the Subsystem and make sure to fill the field MaskDescription and MaskType from the edit mask menu (or programmatically via set_param(gcb,’Description’,’description goes here’) and set_param(gcb,’blocktype’,’block name goes here’); ). Remember to uncheck the option look under mask in the print to file dialog.
    Take it easy, Mattia
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