MATLAB: Importdata within a User-Defined Matlab Function

MATLAB: Importdata within a User-Defined Matlab Function

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Hi Guys,
Suppose I have a function, called “myfun.m”, and I want, amongst other things, an input argument to this function to be a data file (.dat), how would I do this?
I have already defined all the code for the function, and it works, but now I want it to be able to apply it to any .dat file I choose, rather than just the dat file specified within the function it.
I currently use importdata, so the use of this within myfun.m, would be great.
Where myfun contains the line:
M=importdata('mydata',1,' ')
doesn’t work!
Any help would be much appreciated!

Best Answer

  • You are passing mydata to importdata as a string literal (single quotes around the word mydata), so MATLAB is trying to open a file called “mydata”, when you intend to load what is specified by the value of the variable mydata.
    Remove the single quotes and you should be in good shape:
    M=importdata(mydata,1,' ')
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