MATLAB: Genetic Algorithm Tool Question.

MATLAB: Genetic Algorithm Tool Question.

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I’m going to oversimplify my problem so that you know exactly what I am trying to figure out. So say you have an array of a few numbers and you have an extremely long code that does a bunch of operations on this array and returns three values. So I want ga to change the values in the array to minimize the three output values. How do I go about doing this? Changing the array values at the beginning of the code to minimize three outputs at the end of the code. Thanks!

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  • This is known as multiobjective optimization, because you have three numbers that you are trying to minimize. Obviously, you cannot in general find one set of inputs that simultaneously minimizes all of the outputs.
    The gamultiobj function is designed to find the Pareto set, meaning the set of nondominated points. Each point on the Pareto set can have one function value lowered only by raising some other ones.
    Alan Weiss
    MATLAB mathematical toolbox documentation
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