MATLAB: Change placemarker size/zoom when using impoly()

MATLAB: Change placemarker size/zoom when using impoly()

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I display a TIF file using imshow() and then draw a polygon on the image using impoly().
twinImage = imread(filenamepath);
hFig = figure('name','ECCI Image');
ph = impoly();
The features I am trying to enclose in the polygon are sometimes very fine, so I want to reduce the placemarker size and the line thickness of the polygon. Is that possible?
In addition, it would help greatly to be able to zoom in and out of the image while drawing the polygon. Is this possible?

Best Answer

  • About the second question:
    • Yes, while drawing the polygon, mouse over and click the (+) button on the toolbar.
    • Dont worry about the current edge which follows your mouse, its not ‘closed’ yet.
    • Use your mouse wheel or double click or click+drag to zoom
    • Click the (+) button after you have zoomed per requirement
    • You should be placed back in the polygon creation mode with the active edge.
    Now, about the first, when you zoom in, the pixels are enlarged, but the vertex markers and the lines are the same size/thickness as before. Hopefully that helps some.
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