MATLAB: Axis numbers upside down

MATLAB: Axis numbers upside down

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I made a gui which shows an ultrasound image. I made some axis to give an impression of the scaling. It worked fine, but after a few changes (nothing big), the numbers on the axis come out upside down. More specifically they are mirrored over both a horizontal and a vertical line. It looks super weird. The only thing I use to adjust axis properties is the following:
% Update main axes handle properties
set(gca, 'YAxisLocation', 'right', ...
'box', 'off', ...
'TickDir', 'out', ...
'XColor', 'Blue', ...
'YColor', 'Red');
What the duck is wrong?

Best Answer

  • This sounds like an OpenGL problem. Please try this:
    In older Matlab releases this might be:
    feature('UseGenericOpenGL', 1)
    Or under Linux:
    feature('UseMesaSoftwareOpenGL', 1)
    help opengl
    opengl info
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