Learn InDesign in an Hour

Free Download Udemy Learn InDesign in an Hour. With the help of this course you can Learn key InDesign skills fast.

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What will I need?

  • None, unless you want to follow on on your own u2013u00a0in which case you’ll need a version of Adobe InDesign. You can download a 7 Day trial version from Adobe if need be.

Is this course right for me?

  • Anyone who wants to try out InDesign
  • Anyone who wants to learn InDesign fundamentals (quickly)
  • Design students looking to get up to speed quickly with the industry standard graphic design tool
  • Marketers who want to understand enough about InDesign to get using it, without spending hours doing it

What am I going to learn?

  • What InDesign does
  • What is InDesign used for?
  • How InDesign templates work
  • How to import an image into indesign
  • How to edit text in InDesign
  • About Bitmap and Vector graphics
  • How to change the colour of a frame in InDesign
  • How to change the colour of text and a logo in InDesign
  • How to automatically scale an image in InDesign
  • How to manually scale and crop an image in InDesign
  • How to place multiple images at once into InDesign
  • How to import text into InDesign
  • How to change to another font in InDesign
  • Some basic graphic design theory
  • How to create a new document from scratch in InDesign
  • How to create frames in InDesign
  • How to import and scale a logo in InDesign
  • How to apply a border around a frame
  • How to align an object to the center of a page
  • How to align and repeat objects in InDesign
  • How to create a social media image in InDesign
  • How to export a png from InDesign
  • How to style longer text quickly and consistently with InDesign
  • How to create paragraph styles in InDesign
  • How to create multi column and multi page text flow
  • How to make text run around images
  • How to use tracking to make text fit
  • How to tell if your text is inconsistent and how to fix it
  • How to tidy up your panels in InDesign
  • How to create your own custom colour in InDesign
  • How to use colours and styles in multiple InDesign documents
  • How to edit a paragraph style in InDesign
  • How to add an automatic page number in InDesign
  • How to check spelling in InDesign
  • How to add Bleed in InDesign?
  • How to tell if you have low res images in InDesign
  • How to tell if you have missing images or fonts in InDesign
  • How to create a pdf for a commercial printer from InDesign
  • Yes u2013u00a0all of the above in one hour!

Learn InDesign in an hour will do exactly that – teach you InDesign in only an hour. Everything about InDesign? Not quite, but roughly 80% of what I generally cover on a 2 day InDesign Introduction course when I teach in London, which I’ve been doing for over 15 years.

To do that I’ve stripped it down to only the absolute essentials to keep it as lean as I can. So don’t expect long rambling explanations, but do expect to learn the key features.

If you want to know what InDesign is all about, learn its key skills, approaches and best practices, you’ll get that all here. Without needing to watch a course that lasts several hours. This is perfect if you are self-motivated and want to get the essentials right before working out the rest on your own.

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Note: We have purchased this course/tutorial from Udemy and we’re sharing the download link with you for absolutely FREE. So you can learn & be your own master if you can’t afford to buy this course. But if you have money we strongly suggest you to buy Learn InDesign in an Hour course/tutorial from Udemy. So, the course’s author  can help you if you can’t understand something or if you want to learn something spectacular.

Free Download Udemy’s Learn InDesign in an Hour

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