How to start a business in the USA? (H1b/H4/oversees)

Free Download Udemy How to start a business in the USA? (H1b/H4/oversees). With the help of this course you can USCIS and DOL letters are in Chapter 7.

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What will I need?

  • You should have an idea, hobby, passion to serve people.

Is this course right for me?

  • photographers
  • Yoga
  • Web development
  • Consulting
  • Craft
  • Music
  • Tutoring

What am I going to learn?

  • How to start a business on H1b visa?
  • Can H4 own business?
  • Register a business with state, federal and local county.
  • Available resources for small business.
  • What mistakes to avoid on side business, especially when you are on H1b/H4 visa
  • Tax filing basics.
  • Marketing basics. (How to get first client )
  • What are H4 EAD business ideas?
  • How can I actively work on H1b VISA?
  • Can H1b visa start a business?
  • Can H1b invest in a business?
  • Can h1b start llc?
  • Can h1b start an online business
  • H1b passive income.
  • Can i open a restaurant on h1b
  • h1b self-employed
  • Can-an-h1b-holder-start-or-own-a-us-based-business
  • Starting-a-company-on-h1b


Are you the one who always wanted to start a business but not sure how ?

Are you on H1b/H4 visa? Do you live outside the USA and want to start your business ?I have got you covered.

After this course you will be able to start your business, you will know  all local and national resources available for your business.

Good luck and see you on the other side.

Let’s talk about common question on H1b and H4

We will discuss, how H1b and H4 can actively work and earn from any business.

Can H1b visa start a business?

Yes, H1b visa holder can start any business. They can also work actively in it. Anyone on H1b can start, work and make income from the business.

Can H1b invest in a business?

H1b holders always invest in stock-market; it is one kind of investment. You are a partner of the company when you have stocks. So you can be a 0.00001% partner of 100% partner, you are not breaking any laws.

What are H4 EAD business ideas?

You can start any business you want. I have clients on H4 who have their amazon, Etsy, eBay business. Some of my H4 clients are photographers and making extra income. One of my clients has a yoga studio in New York, and she is on H4.

How can I actively work on H1b VISA?

USCIS or DOL does not have any guidelines which we are breaking while doing business on H1b or H4 visa. I contacted these agencies, and they send me an acknowledgement letter. To get access to the message and the full course, please click on this link. This course comes with 30 days money-back guarantee.

So what does the course include?

(1)It coves all the agencies and their stand. USCIS, IRS, DOL, SOS, state attorney journal.

(2) Why it is legal to stary any business on H1b or H4, you don’t need an EAD card to start any business. You can start a business even with no SSN.

(3)How to start Amazon and eCommerce business on H1b and H4 visa?

(4)It also has the full audio recording of my consultation. ($175 value)

(5)I had a public meeting in Dallas, Texas, and it has a full video recording with a robust question and answer round.

(6) Letters of USCIS and DOL and their stand on a side business.

(7)It also teaches how to take the profit out of your business, how to pay tax and also how to spend that money for your personal use.

If you have any more question, feel free to text me: 646-401-4012

H1b and H4 can or can not do business is a million-dollar question. If you ask any attorney, they say no, you can’t! But my question is, why not? If I am breaking any law, then tell me which line of the law book I am breaking. If USCIS or any government office wants to take any action against you, they will tell you that you have violated section abc.123(4) or section cbs.923(b) something like that. I challenge all attorneys of the USA to explain it to me that under which law, you are holding H1b and H4 to start any business in the USA.

If we are following all immigration guidelines to live in the USA, we also earn some fundamental rights which federal and states have to offer to their residents. Some of these rights include the right to get a driving license.’ Someone living in the state of Texas can’t obtain a driving permit in the state of California or any other country. One needs to show the proof that you are living in this particular state and then only you earn all the state rights.

H1b and H4 can start any active business in USA, attorneys have lied to us from last 20 years.

Starting a business is under the control of the state of your respective one. ( Secretory of State) You can still open a business in any other state in the USA. Someone who is not living in the USA can also open a business in the USA. But for now, let’s talk about people on H1b/H4. We are the residents of our respective states. We earn all the rights which the state has to offer. To prove my points, I made some efforts to reach out to state agencies and federal agencies. I contacted USCIS and DOL and asked them a question, ‘I am on H1b VISA, my wife is on H4 VISA. We want to start a business on the side, what is the stand of USCIS/DOL ?’ They replied to me, and those replies are available in the SHOP page.
I am doing business from the last ten years now on H1b VISA. I have three different registered business now in the USA in different states. Initially, I helped some of my friends and some of them are making 100K just from their Amazon online selling business, they all are on H1b and most likely as we all know, we will die on H1b visa too. Don’t expect that there will be a change in the mindset of Congress that one day, we all will get EAD or green card. Due to the Coronavirus and its impact on H1b jobs is nothing but going to go a little backward.
Attorneys have lied to us from the last 20 years, and we all have suffered because of it.

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Free Download Udemy’s How to start a business in the USA? (H1b/H4/oversees)

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