Drop Servicing Business Boost- By A Unique Amazon FBA Model

Free Download Udemy Drop Servicing Business Boost- By A Unique Amazon FBA Model. With the help of this course you can Learn This Unique FBA Strategy and Kickoff Drop Servicing- With No Private Label Products, or Amazon PPC Advertising.

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Is this course right for me?

  • Beginner drop servicing/ drop shipping/ ecommerce students/ work from home business entrepreneurs
  • Private label products FBA sellers
  • Amazon PPC advertising beginners

What am I going to learn?

  • Unique low cost home business to help raise capital for drop servicing or other online businesses
  • What is FBA and how to open an Amazon Seller Account
  • Step by step unique FBA seller method- no Private Label Products needed, no Amazon PPC advertising needed
  • Introduction to all (4) Free tools and 5 critical criteria that you’ll need to find winning products that will quickly sell at Amazon
  • Step by step finding a winning product and how to add it to your Amazon Seller Central account
  • I’ll do an end to end PayPal/Credit card purchase process, shipment tracking, and competitively price a product at Seller Central
  • How this model can help you scale your online drop service business, or advertise other products and online ventures

While drop servicing business is life-changing, it requires capital. In this course, the quest is to use a profitable and never-before-heard-of FBA business strategy to boost your drop service agency (see how to set up a drop servicing agency in my step-by-step course here at Udemy). The model could also help you boost other online services or products that you could be having.

For instance, to use a quality sales funnel building software to create your drop servicing storefront, you need about $200 or more per month for the subscription, advertisement, and website hosting. If you have other online products or services, you might need to do Amazon PPC advertising, Google ads, etc.

In this course, we cover a unique low starter cost business model that you can start right away to help you build a source of funds to keep your drop services activities going until you can fully make the switch. The is beneficial because it is:

– Of low starter cost (to buy a few products for initial sales)- all recommended tools to use are free

– Beginner-friendly- easy to set up, no complicated software needed

– Internationally available method- you can do it from wherever you live

– Almost hands-off once initial research per product is done

– No need to handle customer service- Amazon does that

– No need to handle any shipping- only track your sourced product using a tracking number

– Is scalable- can go full time on its own

The disadvantage is:

– Researching a viable product is a manual process (though can be automated by software)


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Free Download Udemy’s Drop Servicing Business Boost- By A Unique Amazon FBA Model

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