Butterfly Gardening: Attract North American Pollinators

Free Download Udemy Butterfly Gardening: Attract North American Pollinators. With the help of this course you can Learn to provide what butterflies need!.

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What will I need?

  • a camera (smart phone will do)
  • access to the internet

Is this course right for me?

  • Recreational gardeners in North America
  • Naturalists who want to learn about butterflies
  • Someone looking for an inexpensive way to connect to nature
  • Guys who want to impress their dates

What am I going to learn?

  • Attract 10 different butterflies that live in your area
  • Identify the butterflies in your garden
  • Develop the skills necessary to locate butterflies (most people cannot do this)
  • Unwind in the outdoors (and disconnect from screen-time and the rat-race)
  • Make a positive impact for butterfly conservation!
  • Connect to nature in your own backyard!

In a technology-crazed, fast-paced, stressed-out and over-stimulated culture, a butterfly garden is a sweet oasis of serenity. 

Did you know there are butterflies in your neighborhood you can attract?

Connecting to nature has been proven to offer health, healing and calming effects, and it’s practically free!

This quick and fun course is designed to introduce you to the miracles in the natural world. 

We have hundreds of butterflies flying in North America. This course lists ten of the most common, and explains what you must do to invite them to your garden! 

Follow the easy, yet, specific “Take Action” steps at the end of each section to create a butterfly habitat in your outdoor space. 

You will be amazed.

You will be free to observe the stages of their life, watch them emerge and finally, you will learn how to give a butterfly to a friend!

This course is taught by a passionate butterfly hobbyist, turned obsessed, eh, I mean, Professional. Jessica studied entomology and horticulture at the University of Florida and spends her time outside with butterflies any chance she gets. Her life is much richer because of it.

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Free Download Udemy’s Butterfly Gardening: Attract North American Pollinators

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