7 Strategies For Content Creation

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What will I need?

  • Action Taker,
  • Must Be Positive.

Is this course right for me?

  • Beginners just getting started with an online digital marketing strategy,
  • Anyone looking to grow a business with content marketing.
  • Entrepreneurs, digital marketers,
  • freelancers, online course creators,
  • YouTubers, social media influencers,
  • Anyone wanting to grow a business with honest sales techniques that grows an audience that likes, knows and trusts you and your business.

What am I going to learn?

  • Content Creation Strategies

What you’ll learn:

How to increase your marketing ROI by turning old content into a variety of other content pieces that can be used to drive traffic, boost social media engagement, educate customers and more!!!!

Does Repurposing Content Work?

Are you tired of creating new content Everyday because you’re told that creating more content is the only answer to getting more traffic? Right??

No Wrong, In the current content time, just publishing your content creations won’t help. You need to get out of your comfort zone and get your great content out in front of your target audience.


The answer is repurposing your content. You’re going to be able to attract more customers in less time… WITHOUT spending more money. And all you need to do is transform a single blog post into multiple pieces of content.

Still Thinking To Enroll In This Course??

Here Are Few Case Studies of Strategic Content Repurposing:

1. Copyblogger: Leveraging Slide Decks:-
Copyblogger is well-known for the high-quality content they produce on the subjects of copywriting, content marketing, and engaging audiences through the power of words. They’re also no stranger to the power of repurposing content. They took one blog post, The 3-Step Journey of a Remarkable Piece of Content and transformed it into a SlideShare.
The Result was Mind Blowing:

That SlideShare presentation has earned 38K+ views to date.

2.Matthew Woodward: Driving Subscribers with LinkedIn:-
In 2015, SEO professional Matthew Woodward started using LinkedIn as a publishing platform to expand his audience reach. His strategy included repurposing previous content that had been featured and creating follow-up articles to his popular content. By recycling just a few of his popular posts, he quickly snagged over 300 new subscribers at a 76.15% conversion rate.

3. Matthew Barby: To the Frontpage of BuzzFeed:-
Matthew Barby, head of growth at HubSpot, managed to make it to the frontpage of BuzzFeed not once, but twice. Rather than creating brand-new content, he repurposed content into a listicle featuring high protein vegetarian recipes. With a little paid social boost, he got the attention of editors and scored over 140,000 views.

4.Buffer: The “No New Content” Challenge:-

The Buffer team rolled out a brief experiment in 2015 to see what would happen if they stopped producing new content and only repurposed/refreshed their existing content. This strategy involved repurposing two to three new pieces each week for one month. At the end of the experiment, organic search traffic grew over 4%. New SlideShare presentations nabbed almost 200,000 views, and one Medium post captured 2,888 views and made it into the Top 20 for a day.

There are tremendous benefits to repurposing content, and it’s an easy way to fill the gaps of your content schedule because most of the work has already been done.
– By Hubspot

In This 7 Day “Content Creation” Challenge, You Will Discover My Best Content Creation Secrets Like…

  • Day 1 – How to Get Started

  • Day 2 – How to Repurpose Your Blog Post

  • Day 3 – Converting Your Post to a Slideshow

  • Day 4 – How to Convert Your Slideshow to a Video

  • Day 5 – Creating an Awesome Infographic from Your Blog Post

  • Day 6 – How to Create an Audio Version of Your Post

  • Day 7 – Finally, Schedule Social Sharing

DID I MENTION? YOU Will Get to Know All The tools you’ll need to Create your very own content in the next few weeks…

Plus, you’ll finally feel confident about where to start, with training on everything from planning, to Repurposing Single content to Multiple Content, to knowing how to Create it all up into Multiple Brand New Content to keep your Prospects Engaged and Turning Them into Buying Customers…

Think you are ready?

Yes, I cover EVERYTHING you need to get your very own Content Repurposed ASAP!

And the best part? You Don’t Have to Pay Fortune!!

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Free Download Udemy’s 7 Strategies For Content Creation

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